The Ultimate

Monday, August 31, 2015

Have you ever had an ultimate cookie bar? It's this mind-blowing treat that takes the best parts of baked desserts and combines them to rock your world: A layer of brownie, a layer of oreos, and a layer of cookie dough TOGETHER. Have. Mercy. In Utah where I live there is a place that makes the BEST ones around and GOSH why did I get myself thinking about them what am I even doing here again? Oh...right. The jumpsuit. What a feat of clothing genius. It's sort of like the ultimate cookie bar of the fashion world, everything you want in one: sass, comfort, looks like a million but feels like not much work at all, all of it. This one from SheIn is money in the bank but doesn't cost a lot of money from your bank (it's only $25!) so you will have money leftover after you buy it to go get some ultimate cookie bars to celebrate and now I have successfully come full-circle and can conclude this post so I can get said bars in my face RN.

Happy Monday!
ox. Sam

Jumpsuit: Shein
Shoes: AMI

Five Things Friday: Back to School Edition

Friday, August 28, 2015

IT'S FRIDAY and we are bringing back Five Things Friday with a little back-to-school theme! LET'S DO THIS. 

1. 2015 is the year of the cuuuute backpack and I love all of these patterns so much. Find the floral one here, find the striped one here, the plaid one here, and the leopard one here

2. We love these adorable lunch box notes from hello, Wonderful! Such a perfect way to make the little students in your life feel like a million while eating their PB&J. Find the download here

3. Could you die over the gorgeousness of these Jane Austen Classic Novels designed by graphic artist Leanne Shapton? I suddenly have the itch to re-read them. Find them all here

4. Back-to-school is plaid season and I'm REAL happy about it. And all of these are under $15 from SheIn! Find the red here,  the black + white here,  the navy here, and the green here

5. Obsessing over the metallic colors in Essie's Fall 2015 line, so perfect for feeling glam while tapping on a desk in class or chasing little ones. Get on my nails, you pretties! Find them here

What is making you happy today? We'd love to hear your five things!
Have a LOVELY Friday!

ox. Liz 

PLG DIY: Takeout Box Stamped Pineapple Tee

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

We, along with everyone else, are obsessed with the pineapple trend right now. And after seeing this perfect pineapple tee on Pinterest, I decided to make a one of my own. Using takeout boxes to create a large stamp is the easiest and cheapest technique, and you could use it to make any design you want. This hand-stamped pineapple tee was so easy, the supplies are simple, and I loved how it turned out!

Takeout boxes (foam plates would also work)
Paint brush
Fabric paint (I used Fabric Creations Soft Fabric Ink and it's the best!)

Step 1: Cut out flat foam squares from your takeout box(es). I just ran into a restaurant and asked for a bunch of boxes and they gave them to me for free, but I also saw them at Walmart by the paper goods. Or if you eat out, save your boxes!

Step 2: Draw or trace your design on the foam.

Step 3: Cut the outside edges of your design.

Step 4: Apply paint to the foam.

Step 5: Press stamp on shirt, and remove.

Step 6: Let dry. Follow any additional instructions for your fabric paint.

Isn't this the cutest? And think of the possibilities! They are never-ending!

Happy stamping!
xo, Sam