Friday, August 22, 2014

PLG Giveaway: Win a teepee tent from Soabe!

Remember the adorbz teepee tent from my playroom post earlier in the week? Well, now you can win for yourself! Let me tell you about it. This tent. I love it. It is BEAUTIFULLY made, sturdy, and will make your kids squeal with glee when it's set up. My son is obsessed with this thing and loves to be cuddled up inside it for hours. Plus, it is so cute and pretty you may not want it hidden in a playroom! This sucker retails at $160 and will last forever. 

Along with this and their other teepee tents, everything from Soabe is gorgeous, modern, and simple. They have timeless pieces that are perfect for every decorating style that will be a gorgeous and well-made addition to your home. 

So. You wanna win? You can enter by participating in the giveaway on our instagrams and/or here. More entries=more chances to win. Get at it. 

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Good luck!
ox/Liz & Sam

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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

PLG Living: Liz's Playroom Tour

Sam and I both recently moved into new homes (Sam in Nibley, Utah, just outside of Logan, and me in State College, Pennsylvania) and as a result we thought it would be fun to start a new feature of little home tours of our new places. Now to disclaim, you should know that we are most definitely not interior decorators and neither of us are on a Restoration Hardware budget so we'll be keeping it simple with lots of thrifting and DIY, but having a happy home makes us happy so we hope you enjoy these little features. First up, my playroom. Come on in. 

Ever since my first baby was born I dreamed of having a playroom. This is something I NEVER anticipated dreaming about since I am typically more prone to dreaming about closets or kitchens (i.e. clothes and food), but having babies can really change a gal. (Plus, I really just wanted to stop stepping on those freaking hot wheels in my front room. The struggle is real.) So, I was gleeful when we found our new place since it had the perfect little sunny place for a playroom. 

Much of what we have in there is from thrifts stores (the rocking chair, wooden toys, and globe for example) and painted/polished up so it can be thrown against the brick wall without worry. That perfection of a rug is from our friends at DormCo. (watch for a fab giveaway later this week) and that presh teepee tent that serves as hours of entertainment for children and a dang good hiding place for mom's is from the gorgeous Soabe (watch for a giveaway from them, too!). 

Now come play, won't you? Or at least come over and drop your kids off and we'll hide in the kitchen where the Diet Cokes live.


Rug: c/o DormCo
Teepee Tent: c/o Soabe

Monday, August 18, 2014

Summer 4ever

It happened. I saw my first FB post of the year over the weekend where someone expressed how excited they were for, and I quote, ", scarves, and pumpkin everything!" Yes, it's true. The first signs of fall used to be the leaves changing and the temperatures dropping, but now, thanks to the social medias, the first sign of fall is most definitely an overzealous friend-of-a-friend jumping the gun and wishing away t-shirts for sweaters in their status updates. NOT ME. I hereby declare for all the internets to hear that I want summer FOREVER. Yes, yes, I love the fall and give me pumpkin or give me death, but guys, suuuuummer. It's so good.

So, here I am in my bright, flowy summery clothes and SANDALS (the best kind of shoe in the whole wide world) as a sign that fall can wait. So cool it, friends of friends on FB. I just want to hear about you going to the gym and your trips to Las Vegas and that's IT. That's what FB is for. I asked for the news, not the weather.

Summer 4ever.
Shirt: c/o Modbod
Skirt: c/o Our World Boutique
Necklace: c/o Oasap
Sandals: $15 Target