The Pretty Life Girls: Down. With. Monday.

Down. With. Monday.

Monday, February 28, 2011

It's Monday, folks. And I mean it's REALLY Monday.

I just worked for like an hour on a sassy little post with outfits and collages and witty commentary and life altering fashion genius {ok, no, nothing life altering or genius really, but I thought it was pretty good}, and just as I was going to post there was some sort of computer freezing problem, Windows told me it was closing everything, and my post got sucked into internet oblivion.

I said bad words. Loudly.

As a result, I now give you a second-rate, hodgepodge post, consisting of the following:

1. My favorite Oscar dresses:

Feathers! Sparkles! Those arms! Amazing.

I would kill for that pony tail. Serious.

As a person, she's not my fav but this dress is fab.
If I were to go to the Oscars I would want to wear red.
And be Sandra Bullock.

My favorite. {What were yours?}

2. What I'm wearing today {which I really don't want to post after the Oscar dresses since it is neither red, nor sparkly, nor does it have a train. Oh well.}:

Dress: Old Navy $6.99, Cardigan: Target $9.99, Belt F21 $2.99, Tights: Khols $5.00, Boots: GoJane $11.99

3. And the winner of our houndstooth giveaway:

So, yes, that is my post today. Not my best work, but like I said, Monday, post-eating computer, etc.

Don't worry, I have big plans to show this Monday who's boss and come out triumphant maybe on Wednesday or something. After all, with a little Diet Coke, and a little Bachelor watching tonight, anything is possible.

Happy show-Monday-who's-boss day!


PS. Congratulations to Rachel! Email us at and we will get you your prize! Thanks to all who entered!! 


  1. the best part of icky mondays is that the week can only get better. And yes, diet coke can fix most Monday doldrums :-)

  2. Congrats Rachel! My favourite dress is Halle's one as well, she looks stunning!

    Love the khaki/brown combo of your outfit x

  3. It's a very Monday of Mondays. That's why I'm currently drinking a Diet Coke. Even though her look wasn't necesarily my absolute favorite, props have to go to Natalie Portman for looking so killer when she's a bajillion months pregnant.

    North Meets South

  4. yes, down with Monday! What a bummer about your first post, but this was was great too!

    Lidi @ Eclectic Flair

  5. I like your outfit EVEN compared to the Oscar dresses :) :)

    I'm having a giveaway!! Cardigans and Cookie Dough

  6. No need to apologize. You may have just inspired my Tuesday :)


  7. I loved Reese Witherspoon's 60's mod look. Gorgeous

    Ramblings of a Small Town Girl

  8. as much as i love my old navy, i have a feeling yours is better. cuz you get lots more cute dresses than i do and on sale. that never happens at mine. never. maybe i should come over there and do some shopping. oh wait. you have snow. jk. i'll stay in california. oh and btw your outfit makes me jealous. but a good kind of jealous.

  9. I love Halle Berry's dress and Hilary Swank's dress and I ADORE your cute! great color choices and the necklace just ties it all together!! I love the boots too, Go Jane is one of my favorites :)

  10. Congrats Rachel. Great find on your dress.

  11. LOVE your style. SO cute.
    And yes, Halle's was my favorite dress by far:)

  12. For a thrown together post...this is fabulous. And I so vote Reece...just love her!

  13. i like your necklace here! it's pretty!


  14. I love seeing all the Oscar dresses!! The oscars were really wonderful this year. Love your website that I found through Xenia.

  15. I came across your blog because of Kendi Everydays post. I had a question for you. I noticed you had a few pairs of boots from Do you like getting boots from there? And I love the outfit you're wearing!


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