The Pretty Life Girls: Five Things Friday.

Five Things Friday.

Friday, March 11, 2011

1. Gold Flats.

Love them. They go with everything! And sooo springy!
1. Target: $9.08 2. GoJane: $13.20  3. Lori's Shoes: $20.00

2. Getting emails from people I know in real life who discover this blog and then figure out it is us behind it. SO funny. And awesome, because the people in my life are so wonderfully supportive, and so are all of you lovely readers! We adore you.

3. Sara Bareilles. She is divine. She is fantastically talented. And her style is fab. Watch this video! The gingham, the blazer, the sequined skirt, the red lip. So perfect. And musically she is flawless. And this song is my fav on the new record. What else must I say to convince you??

4. S is on her way home!!!! And she is safe and sound after having a major tsunami scare on the ship in the middle of the ocean last night! SO happy she is ok. And that leads me to #5:

5. Make sure to go here to donate to the red cross to help the people in Japan. At times like these I could not be more thankful for my faith and the knowledge that God knows us and will never leave us alone.

What are your 5 things? What are your weekend plans?
We hope you have a great one!
Happy Weekend Friends!


PS. One more day until the giveaway closes!


  1. my five things:
    1. Lilly Pulitzer
    2. Mary Blair
    3. these gray ballet flats:
    4. my adorable friend, Candace's blog:
    5. and people donating to the red cross for disaster relief.
    Thanks girls for your fun posts. Good luck to S getting home. stay safe.

  2. My cousins are in Japan right now. I am sure they are grateful for any help and support :)

  3. SO Glad S. is ok.

    I remember looking for gold shoe with my grandma and not being able to find them. then a few years later there every where.

  4. While I love a lot of things on your list I'm glad S is safe, and that you put a link to donate to the red cross.
    My Heart Blogged

  5. my heart def goes out to japan. they are in thoughts and prayers.

  6. LOVE Sara Bareilles!!! i am doing some choreography to "breathe again" right now... i feel like all her music has breath... does that make sense? like a pulse or something... i dont know... love it all!


  7. when i heard about japan last night first thing i did was call my brother in hawaii since they were on a tsumani warning.

    i love gold flats(=

  8. how lovely of you to post a link to donate to the red cross! thank you.
    {also how lovely of you to post those gold flats. i think putting a quick trip to target on my saturday 'to-do' list is now neccessary.}


  9. That Sara Bareilles song is one of my favorites. It was on repeat for weeks after I got her new CD!


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