The Pretty Life Girls: More Easter dresses on a mystery guest....

More Easter dresses on a mystery guest....

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

On today's post we are sharing something/someone we are excited about. Like, really really REALLY excited about.  Yes, we will be sharing yet another Easter dress with you, but since you have already seen mine and W's dresses, I'm sure you have been feeling absolutely plaqued by the suspense of knowing who the next mystery person in an Easter dress will be. Well, dear friends, the wait is over.

Here are some hints: We give this person complete credit for our style and thriftiness. She taught us everything we know. She is our favorite person ever. You would love her if you met her. She is so. dang. cute.

That's right baby! It's our Mom!! And she is looking goooood:

{leggings: Walmart 6.00, dress: Macy's 9.99, shoes: DSW 15.00}

Such a babe, right? She was made to model! And since this is her blog debut, we are going to need you all to rally together and show her some major love.

Like this:
XOXOXOXO. We LOVE you Mama! You are a fox!



  1. Yay! Go brave mom's of the world. She looks fabulous!


  2. Your mom's shoes are FABULOUS! I can't believe she got them for $15!

    Lidi @ Eclectic Flair

  3. Really, your mom is fab!!! You guys obviously got her love of fashion at a good deal AND MORE IMPORTANTLY HER GENES!

  4. aw your mom rocks for posing for an outfit post!!! :) love her dress!!

  5. Aww, I love this! You need to do this more often! Awesome. And she's looking so stylish! Go your mom!

  6. She is so adorable! And we can't even see her face ;)
    And so thrifty! Go mama!

  7. Super Cute. Love you guest person today.

  8. Such a fabulous dress! I love it.

  9. No way this woman has two 20 something children. Love the dress!

  10. AHHH!!! i love momma's. they're the best. and yes your momma is looking great!!! also, i love the welcome sign in the background. it's like you're welcoming her to the blog world. rock on.

  11. Adorable outfit mom! I would absolutely wear that tomorrow if I had it in my closet. :)

  12. mom's are the best, and your mom really is so cute! Your whole family is too dang cute!

    by the way, I currently wearing that NYC tangerine nail polish you posted about and LOVE it! Me and Liz both bought it. More recommendations, please!


  13. shut up! That dress was 9.99??????? Holy mother it's gorgeous!

  14. I love how she's posing the exact same way y'all post for your outfit posts! First a regular pose and then one with both arms extended. I saw this and knew she had to be your mom! So adorable! And mother's day is coming up next weekend! Yay for the mommies of the world! :)


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